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ps4_play_img1:15 PM — Sony and Microsoft released their respective gaming consoles late 2013.  After years of research and development, both companies brought their new consoles to the market and many were impressed.  The tremendous and advanced technology used in each console was appealing, although between the two companies, there has to be a winner.

During Sony’s CES 2014 show, Andrew Home announced that the company sold 4.2 million consoles since launch.  This number ends on December 28, 2013, so more consoles have been sold since then of course.  Microsoft announced earlier that they sold 3 million consoles in 2013.  It’s worth noting that the PlayStation 4 was available for one more week in 2013 than the new Xbox.  The PS4 launched on November 15th while Xbox One debuted on November 22nd.

Both companies have shown support for each other as well.  Unlike AT&T and T-Mobile’s rivalry, Sony and Microsoft congratulated each other on Twitter on their respective launches.  The video gaming market is currently run by the duopoly of PlayStation and Xbox.  Other consoles like Wii have fallen quite far behind that it will be very hard to catch up.

What do you think?