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rsz_1rsz_1rsz_lg-webos-smart-tv-leak-evleaks-16:00 PM — Web OS has been dead for quite some time, with no real hope of being revived.  But according to a new leak from the notorious @evleaks, we see webOS coming back to life.  In the unannounced product image that can be seen to the right, you will see LG’s upcoming Smart TV, featuring webOS.  LG plans to unveil the new TV later this month in Las Vegas CES 2014 show.

Aside from what it looks like, we don’t have any information regarding hardware, software, launch or pricing details.  Now lets dig a little deeper into the image that is shown.  As you can see, the bezel around the TV is very thin, the image extends nearly from edge to edge.  Additionally, you can see that the TV hosts a bunch of apps, thanks to webOS software.  These apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Accu Weather, and Twitter will come pre-installed as shortcuts.

LG’s webOS-powered smart TV is rumored to feature a 2.2GHz dual-core processor and 1.5GB of RAM.  Apps are based on the webOS Enyo framework.  This is quite remarkable work that LG has done with the new TV expected to be seen at CES 2014.

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