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6a17c4a8-3716-4fa0-92ca-a5347fb522c23:10 PM — BlackBerry continues to lay off a majority of its work force as it restructures the company.  CEO John Chen has been hard at work reorganizing the company, and bringing in fresh blood.  It may seem that lay offs are making BlackBerry look bad, however the previous talent is being replaced, in certain high level positions.  Now another individual as been let go from the company and her name is Alicia Keys.

In a report from Canada’s CVT News, BlackBerry is now parting ways with Alicia Keys.  Previously, Keys held the global creative director position at the company.  When she was hired under former CEO Thorsten Heins, there was criticism towards the hiring.  Many wondered as to what the R&B singer would bring to the company.  Now, starting January 30, the company is parting ways with her.

BlackBerry didn’t go into detail about the reason she’s being let go, but they did say that “we have enjoyed the opportunity to work with such an incredibly talented and passionate individual.”  Granted that Keys may not have provided BlackBerry with what they needed, but she is a talented individual.

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