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Apple officially releases iOS 7.1, has a lot of new additions such as CarPlay

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After much hard work on Apple’s part for months, releasing betas to developers, the company has officially released iOS 7.1.  Earlier today, reports around the social media have reported iPhone users able to see the iOS 7.1 update and available for download. This new major update is the first to come after several months. Apple has previously released updates such as iOS 7.0.6 to fix quick bugs and problems.  Let’s dig a little deeper into this update and see what Apple has made available for everyone. Software update iOS 7.1…read more

LG G Flex coming to Sprint on February 7

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2:15 PM — We have heard a lot about the LG G Flex lately.  The G Flex by LG has came into the new “curved smartphone” category where it continues to impress customers.  So far, the smartphone was only available in South Korean, however this is going to change soon.  LG will be launching on three United States carrier’s, which are AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.  While we don’t exactly know when the G Flex will be launching on AT&T and T-Mobile, we know when it will be launching on Sprint’s…read more

Here’s what BlackBerry Z30 does better than any other smartphone out there

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12:30 PM — BlackBerry may not be the once-top company it use to be, but that doesn’t mean it can be completely forgotten.  Yes, BlackBerry 10 software has been a flop, the Z10 and Q10 smartphones have also flopped, but here’s something you wouldn’t expect.  The BlackBerry Z30 phablet was released last year and although it did not get much light from customers and media, it does something quite interesting and better than any other smartphone out there. At CES, four writers over at Wired used nothing but their smartphones…read more


BlackBerry may go after Ryan Seacrest’s Typo keyboard, but other companies are rising

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12:00 PM — We have seen previous reports that BlackBerry is going after Typo Keyboard, which is backed by Ryan Seacrest.  For old school BlackBerry lovers, Seacrest wanted to bring the old physical keyboard back.  In today’s smartphones, we aren’t seeing many physical keyboards, rather all are touch and integrated into the screen via software.  BlackBerry is mainly the only company that still uses physical keyboards in their smartphones, for example the Q10. Even though BlackBerry may be suing Ryan Seacrest’s Typo Keyboard, there is another company that is coming…read more


Is your LG G Flex showing bumps on screen? Don’t worry about it

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11:30 AM — LG’s G Flex curved screen smartphone has been on the headlines for quite a while.  Ever since its release, many have done pretty nice reviews of the smartphone.  Its ability to be flattened even though its curved, a self-healing back amongst other features, is the reason why the smartphone is popular.  The G Flex is also coming to the Unites States sometime this year as well. For those that already have the smartphone, some of you may notice that there are small bumps on your screen.  The…read more


Here’s why a T-Mobile and Sprint merger may not be possible

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7:00 AM — For a while now, we have been hearing about a possible purchase of T-Mobile by Sprint.  SoftBank, a Japanese telecommunications and Internet corporation made the purchase of Sprint last year with a $21.6 billion investment.  Since then, SoftBank has been pushing Sprint to issue a wide range of improvements, especially on its network.  Currently, Sprint has the slowest and degrading network out of the big four.  The company’s LTE is almost non-existent and their 3G network is very slow.  While SoftBank is trying to improve Sprint, they…read more


ISPs try to convince everyone that the death of Net Neutrality won’t hurt

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11:30 AM — On Tuesday, U.S. appeals court killed Net Neutrality rules.  This has caused an uproar amongst consumers and companies alike.  Many people are concerned that with net neutrality now dead, ISPs now have additional power to control not only companies but customers as well.  Others believe that the ruling will ultimately lead to the downfall of the internet as we know it today.  It gives service providers freedom to squeeze money out of companies looking to give their services an edge by allotting them additional bandwidth that standard…read more


Google acquires Nest, here’s why they did

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9:00 AM — On Monday, Google officially announced that they will be purchasing the popular company Nest Labs for $3.2 billion cash.  The two companies reportedly reached a deal for that amount, and you can read more about it in the press release below.  Nest Labs is the smart thermostat maker founded by former Apple executive Tony Fadell, who is credited with being the godfather of the iPod.  This purchase will cost Google an all-cash transaction where the company will pay the full amount in cash. Google CEO Larry Page says…read more


Relationship between Samsung and Google is about to get more interesting

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2:40 PM — Google’s Android mobile software is the most widely used in the world.  Companies such as Samsung, LG, Song and ZTE use Android operating system in their mobile phones.  Currently, Samsung is the king in the Android arena, owning majority of the stake.  Google, the creator of Android has a strong position over Android, however everyday, more power is being shifted to Samsung.  Its smartphones such as Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series are top of the line.  With its monstrous marketing budget, the company continues to rule…read more


One analyst thinks expecting Apple to introduce a cheap iPhone would be an ‘insane idea’

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5:00 PM — Before the iPhone 5c was announced, many analyst, users and investors alike praised the idea of Apple introducing a cheaper iPhone.  When the announced took place, many were surprised that the iPhone 5c cost an astonishing price of $549.  This was not much of a surprise as the company is always aiming for maximum profits. In a new report from AppleInsider, we see that analyst Charlie Wolf from Needham & Company said in a note to investors that a cheap iPhone would erode Apple’s profits and cause…read more